Treatment Liver Cancer in Acupuncture

What is the cancer?

Most cancer name after part of the body where cancer stated beginning. Primary liver cancer occurs when heart cells turning and become malignant. It originated from the heart not revenue spreading (metastasis). Metastasis happens when cancer cells that originated from deep other part human body spread to heart. This liver cancer also known as hepatoma.

How this liver cancer could be explained?

Liver cancer or hepatoma this commonly more common happen in Asian countries. By an average, this cancer patient mostly aged among 40 to 50 year. It obtain quadruple more often occur among men folk over with womenfolk.
Tumour primary heart is tumour, which started from liver tissue one myself, may be divided to tumour benign and malignant tumour.

Liver cancer benigna :

  • Is more ordinary happened compared with Liver Cancer Malignant.
  • Liver Cancer benigna includes haemangioma, adenoma and hyperplasia nodule fokal.

Liver Cancer Malignan :

  • Include hepatoma (primary liver cancer), cancer kolangioselular, cancer combination hepato kolangioselular and angiosarcoma.

How this liver cancer established?

Heart is major organ in the human body responsible remove toxin, drug and poison out from body. This to do with break stated toxin to pigmented compound and then carried out through duct into bowel. When virus, drug or alcohol damages the liver, this pigmented compound will be aggregated, cause happened jaundice, or yellowish fair bit part. Usually this heart cells become cancer.

What are the factors can increase liver cancer risk?

Those who risky include:

  • Alcohol drinker.
  • Carriers Of Hepatitis B.


  • To avoid alcohol intake that excess. It associated so close once with the problem especially liver cancer in developed countries.
  • Hepatitis B's carrier risky higher to gain liver cancer especially if design own virus those active or if design experience heart failure.

What is liver cancer signs of and phenomenon?

Exist some of the symptoms that one must know:

  • Major symptoms are aching in the division abdomen; decrease heavy body and anorexia eat. These symptoms also exist when heart contract virus as Hepatitis A or B. Be careful as almost 30% from the patient not show phenomenon anything.
  • Some fever his cause also symptomatic used to happen.
  • As cites or dropsy (cavity deep accumulation of fluid peritoneum that causes abdomen become inflatable). This liquid is customary containing content high protein and may be mingled with blood.


What is probable complication can happen?

Metastasis - stated cancer can spread to parts of the body another.

How this liver cancer preventable?

Among preventive measures that could be taken is:

  • Obtain immunization Hepatitis B as scheduled.
  • To avoid excessive alcohol intake.
  • Undergo health screening when exist him particular change to your health particularly those related with warning signs cancer.

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Real Testimony

Patients’ Profile

Name:  Mr. C.K Soon
Age: 58
Nationality: Singapore
File No: 2332

Mr. Soon went for operation end of March 2009 for liver cancer. During the operation, 2/3 of his liver was removed and remaining 1/3 stop functioning. After the operation, his stomach waistline increased by 300% because water cannot flow out from his body. During this time, he also had difficulty in breathing, bed-ridden and in a semi-coma state. Without any antibiotics and painkillers prescribed, he was asked to go home. For his family, there was no hope at all as they are prepared for the worse.

That same night, all his brothers and sisters from Malaysia took herbs from The TOLE and drove down to Singapore. After medication, he could sit up and stand up. After 3 weeks of medication, he has decided to come to Kuala Lumpur to seek intensive treatment at The TOLE.

On 11 June 2009, he finally came to KL. Upon arrival, he is starting to feel dizzy, nausea, tired and his left ear cannot hear. He was advised to come for acupuncture 3x per week and consume 2x herbs medication every day for the next 3 months. Mr. Soon’s final visit to The TOLE was on the 5th Sept 2009 whereby he has recovered and he went back to Singapore. After resting for another 2 months, Mr. Soon went back to work.

Exactly 1 year after his operation, he went back to the same hospital in Singapore for a medical check. The report indicates that he is now free of cancer. Despite being free from cancer, the hospital says that he must do chemotherapy. He later contacted The TOLE to seek Master’s opinion on the chemotherapy treatment. Master is strongly against chemotherapy and told him that it would be very disadvantage to his whole body and may risk his life by doing chemotherapy.  Although Mr. Soon was against doing chemotherapy, he was threaten by the hospital saying that if he doesn’t do chemotherapy, cancer MAY come back. He took their advice and took chemotherapy. Mr. Soon was tortured like everybody else due to the side effects of chemotherapy and called Master for help. But he still continued and finishing the chemotherapy treatment cycle. 

On 9th March 2010, Mr. Soon came back to KL to see Master for help due to deteriorating condition. Master told him that this time, it will be very difficult. He took treatment till 23 March 2010 and Master decided to sent him back to Singapore. Soon after, he passed away. Thanks to Chemotherapy!!







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