Treatment Breast Cancer in Acupuncture


Breast cancer, cancer cells (malignant) that effect the breast tissues of women or men. Breast cancer is a serious disease and can be fatal. With detect early, cancer patient get 95% to recover. Early detection can save the life.


Breast cancer can happen in any breast part include:

  • Lobe that produce milk
  • Duct who sent out milk to handle
  • Breast fatty tissue (seldom occurred)

Usually, breast cancer may be divided to two form: invasive instead of invasive. In cancer no invasive, cancer cells only focused in the area originally while in cancer invasive stated cancer cells have spread to tissues around breast.

Breast cancer most used to happen is duct cancer become in duct cells breast. Cancer lobular also is beginning from lobe or lobule. This type cancer usually exist in deep several venues breast.
Inflammation breast cancer also makes breast cancer rarely happen.


Breast cancer spread through following methods:

  • Cancer grow and wide that quick and attack local area. It also will attack skin and muscle wall chest.
  • Breast cancer spread to the part lymph through blood vessel and scattered to the whole body especially to the part bone (backbone, hip bone, skull and breastbone), heart, lung, adrenal gland and ovary.
  • Is estimated if breast cancer measuring 1.6 sm., it say is already up deep breast during at least 2 year. At this time, cancer cell may have come in into blood vessel or lymphatic system and further spread throughout body. 
  • Therefore, although breast cancer tumour feel focused to breast only, but placed at more 35% from it say have spread or experience metastasis.

Risk Factors?

Because you a woman, own one higher risk to gain breast cancer. Nevertheless, exist several other factor can increase this breast cancer risk.

High Risk Factor

  1. Age; age make wrong a factor can increase breast cancer risk. Older patient own risk that the higher. 1 from 500 deep women age 30 has probability high get breast cancer. Nevertheless, this figures advancing to 1 in 50 people when age reach 40 - 45 year.
  2. Family history - there were also some evidence that disease this heritable but genetic role in this affairs still not yet understood fully. Woman whose have mother or daughter or sister / younger sister who already have disease this have an increased risk to gain breast cancer
  3. History catch cancer - ever suffer breast cancer previously. This perhaps is big factor in shaping breast cancer.
  4. Ever suffer breast disease benign proliferate
  5. Woman whose originally from North America / Europe North; incidence and breast cancer death due is more higher compared with other countries like Japan

Sign - sign and symptom

Major phenomenon undergo by the patient is tumour presence, liquid production discharge from handle, and ill or in the vicinity discomfort breast.

  • Tumour that happened to the patient makes key change undergo by the patient. This tumour is customary painless and there is on the side breast only and this tumour is hard and solid and own shores that does not smooth.
  • Discharge that came out from handle sometimes contain blood and watery and come unprompted without any stimulation.
  • When cancer has needy and enters the stage, which is more dangerous, breast and handle will experience distortion. Will be formed depression on the skin breast and texture it seem and feel as leather orange. Shape state and breast size also will change.


Factor anything can increase some probability that get breast cancer are known as risk factor. Have factor that can be controlled and this factor call factor can change.

Risk factor may be modified include somebody lifestyle as alcohol intake, body weight and diet. Reduce heavy excess body can help reduce risk of breast cancer. Suitable exercise take part with nutrition balance can help lower heavy body. To refer your doctor to know exercise a most suitable to you. Diets high fat is said have relevance with breast cancer. To lower this risk, take low-fat food and high his fiber content. High food sample his fiber content is fruits and vegetables.

Breast cancer can be treated if this still staying at an early stage. To avoid complication further, every woman must practice own check breast, obtain breast clinical examination by consistent and doing mammography screening on the duration that fixed. Screening and monitoring of by consistent can detect any change to breast and avoid impact that is undesired.

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Patients’ Profile

Name: Mdm M.K. Chan
Age: 52
Nationality: Malaysian
NRIC: 5706xx-10-63xx                  
File No: 17294

Mdm M.K. Chan was diagnosed of 4th stage breast cancer. She started seeing Master on 9th April 2009 until 21 March 2013. During this period, she kept asking how long more she needs to take the herbs. During her initial visit to The TOLE, she was advised to undergo intensive treatment for 4 months.  

Her condition deteriorates when she started tapering down the intake of herbal medicine form initially 1 packet a day to 1 packet every 3 days for a few years. But she is still surviving and goes to work daily. After a famous oncology doctor passed away this year (apparently this famous doctor was her previous consultant doctor at Gleneagles), she stopped coming for treatment. Master thinks that she is giving up because she felt a lot for the famous oncology doctor.

Below table shows the result of her CEA test during the treatment period with THE TOLE:


Type of Test


Normal Range

10 Apr 2009



(0.0 –5.0)

10 Apr 2009

CA 15.3

186.0 (High)

(0.0 – 31.0)

30 Apr 2009



(0.0 –5.0)

30 Apr 2009

CA 15.3

129.4 (High)

(0.0 – 31.0)







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