Autism Diet

Autism is a disorder in brain development of children on their ability to communicate, their behavior and motor skills. Children with autism can have a therapeutic diet that focuses on nutrition and food procedures taken. However, dietary therapy is different in every child because it depends on the symptoms and their condition.

Diet For Autistic Children

Therapeutic diets must be compatible with the symptoms that arise in children autism. The following are examples of therapeutic diets of children autism.

Diet anti-yeast

Autistic children who have fungal infections should not eat foods containing yeast. Foods to be avoided are as follows:

- Bread, pastries, and cakes that contain sugar and yeast.
- All types of fungi such as mushrooms and other
- All types of cheese
- Dried foods such as raisins, prune, dates and other

Diet for Allergic

Autistic children often experience a food allergy. For children who suffer from food allergies should avoid foods such as shrimp, fish, eggs, wheat and others.

The way to determine diet of children is to find the source that lead to the symptoms of food allergies. Foods that cause allergy should be avoided and removed from the diets of children. However the food can be put back into diets as their age increases.

Diet without Gluten and Casein

Autistic children should be prevented from foods and drinks that contain gluten and casein. Gluten is a protein naturally found in wheat, oats and others that provide elasticity to wheat flour.

How to Set Up Food Diet for Autistic Children

Several things should be done in the diet for children with autism are as follows:

  • Always provide a balanced and nutritious food to ensure that children acquire nutrients for growth of new cells and recovery of damaged cells
  • Prepare food that does not contain flavor additives, dyes and preservatives
  • Avoid junk food and replace it with fresh fruit
  • For children who are hyperactive, do not give them excessive sugar and replace it with fructose. Fructose absorption is slower than sucrose

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